Two Reasons Why You Might Want To Have Your Company's Roof Inspected More Often

A damaged roof can lead to problems inside a commercial building that could lead to the loss of tenant businesses or customers. A yearly roof inspection helps spot these problems before they make themselves known by sending a leak through your roof. But there are reasons why you may want to occasionally inspect your roof at other times of the year, even when the building hasn't been through storms that could cause damage. Here's what you need to know about one problem, which is people camping on your roof.

Looking For Camping Spots

In December 2018, business owners in a neighborhood in San Diego reported that people were camping on the roofs of the buildings in which the businesses were located. These weren't just a few people sleeping and then moving on; these were repeat offenders who were actually camping out on the roofs. One business owner said that he could see clothing drying on a line and that he had to constantly clean up after these people.

This might sound funny at first, but it can have consequences for the roof and building. Remember that most commercial roofs are not made to have people walking on them frequently; most can handle some foot traffic from repair people and the like, but not from people living on the roof night after night.

Spotting The Problem And Fixing The Damage

People camping on commercial roofs often leave during the day, because it's easier to spot them from the street. This means you might not realize they're there if you only occupy the building in daytime. Technically you could look for campers yourself, but you'd still need to have a roof inspector check out the place if you found something, because the camping can cause damage.

Whether it's water damage from spills or drip-drying clothing, vermin attracted by trash, damage to the roof surface that could let rainwater seep through, or potential fire damage from attempts at cooking, the damage caused by people camping on the roof has to be found and fixed immediately. If you have an inspector take care of the initial viewing, then he or she can immediately determine what sort of repairs might be needed.

Instead of simply looking around yourself, call a commercial roof inspector. If you suspect that someone really has been living on the roof, ask the inspector to search for signs that someone has been camping on the roof and if there is any damage that might be related. Companies like JC Roofing & Insulating can help.