Four Signs Your Garage Door Spring Needs to Be Replaced or Repaired

Garage doors are remarkably useful; they protect your cars, shield your belongings from the elements, and give you privacy. Unfortunately, sometimes garage doors can break. When that happens, there is usually a faulty spring to blame. Here are four signs your garage door spring needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. The motor sounds like it's straining

Garage doors are quite heavy, but their weight is supported by the springs that hold it on either side. This is why you can raise and lower the door by hand when the release switch is activated. If your garage door motor makes a grinding noise and seems to be struggling to lift the door, it could be a sign that your springs are too loose. Due to a lack of tension, the motor is trying to pull the full weight of the door, which is very bad for it. Call a call a company that specializes in garage door spring repair to come to shorten your springs to alleviate this problem.

2. You hear a loud noise

If you hear a loud noise from your empty garage, that could mean that a garage door spring has snapped. The springs are stretched taut when they're at rest, and if they are old or corroded, the tension can cause them to suddenly break.

3. The garage door drops

Under normal circumstances, your garage door raises and lowers at an easy, controlled speed. When one of your garage door's springs breaks, half of its weight is unsupported, so it may drop quickly to the ground when you try to close it. If this happens, immediately turn off the motor since you don't want to damage the door itself.

4. The garage door won't open

This is the most obvious sign that your garage door is broken. If your garage door won't open at all, check to see if the springs are broken. If you notice either of the springs is missing or appears to contain gaps, this means it snapped at some point.

If your garage door is showing any of these signs, call a garage door repair service as soon as possible. Turn off the power to your garage door, and avoid using it until it's been repaired. Using a broken garage door can cause further damage and can burn out the motor, which would be very costly to replace. Don't try to repair or replace the spring on your own. Garage door springs carry a lot of potential energy when they're stretched, and messing around with it can cause serious injury. This is one job you should definitely leave to the professionals.